Breaux Cosmetics is a UK based cosmetic company founded in 2018 that specialises in providing premium quality beauty products that are pigmented to cater to all skin tones. All of our products are cruelty-free and vegan friendly, and are tested and verified by professionals. Our uniquely crafted lash range is hand-made and all our other cosmetic products are made with care from Breaux Cosmetics, specially for you. 

The Lash Collection is our Luxury 3-D Mink Lash range which was personally created by Breaux Cosmetics for all the lash lovers around the world. Our lashes are made from synthetic fibres and are either Faux Mink or Faux Silk so are 100% vegan friendly and suited to everyone, while still having a wispy authentic mink look to them. We also stock several other beauty essentials including highly pigment eyeshadows, loose glitter sets, lip products and many more exciting products to come.

Our aim is to empower and inspire all through beauty, make-up is an art form and as a company we want to highlight this and celebrate the idea of individuals using our products to recreate their own definition of beauty. We value celebrating beauty globally, and aim to cater to all types of make-up lovers worldwide.​


Breaux Cosmetics x